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Mailbag – Theeker on my Bolg edition

An e-mail:
Thank you for the joyible communics. Butt; I am a little dispissed ewe think all publitardss are tarrible peeple. Gno reely. Keep up the gewd wurk, though. Theekers need to be more of. You and Kathy Griffen shud make won. Theekers our reflickertive of social studies, end wen eye find won, I trilateral part two reely peigh tension. Thnx uhgain (dot) com

Very Sincerely
Yo Dog
Uh huh.

Now if I understand Yo Dog correctly--and there is a very high possibility that I don't, given that the person is very clearly mad--they are suggesting that I conceive offspring with Kathy Griffin in order to create more "theekers" like myself.

01.07.2010 |