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At least he got a reaction

Al Qaeda is coming out strong lately with all sorts of awesomely failed attacks. Underwear bombs and now the attempted murder of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, creator of the controversial bomb-in-turban Muhammad cartoon.

The cartoonist, 74, pushed a panic button, fled to a safe room and was unhurt when police arrived. His grand-daughter was in the house during the attack. Police could not confirm reports he had tried to break down the safe room door with the axe.

Surely the best way to combat Westergaard's belief that Islam leads to violent radicalism is by trying to chop him apart with an axe for drawing a picture that says so. The continued threats against the Danish cartoonist will only serve as proof to editors across the globe that it's best not to offend folks and stick to the innocent gags that everyone from grandma to Bin Laden can appreciate.

Also: cartoonist with a panic room in his house? Wow. If it protects you from looming deadlines, I'm getting one.
01.04.2010 |