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I was going to write about how bad this decade was but everyone still living has already done that. I've drawn almost 700 editorial cartoons about the outrages and silliness that went on this decade, so I suppose I'll let those speak for me.

This year has without a doubt been the best and worst of my life. I won't get into the details, but the bad things opened the door for the good things, as often happens. I feel the urge to move on but think the New Year feeling of rejuvenation will be delayed a little bit for me.

I'm in the home stretch of my first graphic novel, War Is Boring, and am working around the clock to meet the deadline in early February. I've never slept less. God bless the coffee and music that motivates me. I won't be able to truly relax or get to the many things I have planned for 2010 until then.

So next year looks promising and I have a long "To Do" list for both my personal and professional lives. I'll have one book out, be working on two others, and trying to lay plans that ensure when the tens end there will be at least 700 more editorial cartoons bearing my signature.

I'm also planning on having more fun in my life. Which is why I'm buying a banjo.

12.31.2009 |