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Bowing To Santa: Satire or Racist?

The New Yorker done did it again. One can never forget their controversial cover last year depicting Barack Obama as a Muslim and Michelle as a militant radical. Many liberals insisted it was racist, clumsy, or dangerous for The New Yorker to publish such an image--toothless racists in Kentucky could pin it up in their trailer as a joke and cost Obama the election. Many conservatives became aware of the existence of a publication called "The New Yorker."

But this. This is beyond the pale...

Illustrator Barry Blitt returns this week with a blatant attack on our Peace Prize War President. It is an apparent reference to Obama recently bowing to some Asian leader in some country somewhere. As with Blitt's controversial Muslim cover there is absolutely NO WAY to tell this is satire. No labels, speech bubbles, title or warning sticker to inform us dolts that is merely a joke that we should not riot over. I guess we should take it at face value.

So does Barry Blitt think Obama will literally bow to St. Nicholas when he arrives to deliver presents and snack on cookies? Does the White House even have a chimney or does he make that assumption based solely on Obama's race? (He's an African-American.) And does Obama's reverence for the rotund semi-secular symbol of Christmas show that his Yuletide allegiance is to consumerism and not Baby Jesus? (The clear implication being that he is a Santa-friendly Muslim.)

And what of that dainty little move Santa is doing with his feet? Totally gay. A smack in the face to Mrs. Claus at her home in the North Pole all the way from David Remnick's ivory tower in New York. (Lots of gays in that city. Coinkydink?) She could not be reached for comment as this post went to press.

I'm going to call my close personal friend Wolf Blitzer and get him on this. It's been too long since idiots opined on illustrations and cartoons that went completely over their head. And in America, those are the only cartoons we talk about!
12.11.2009 |