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In an attempt to exploit the economic desperation of freelancers and the notorious lateness for which we are paid, Time Inc. has developed a "Pay Me Now" program that will allow freelancers to get paid promptly, provided they pay Time a fee for paying them--one that gets higher the quicker they want it.

Gawker has the story:
Given how desperate freelancers are to be PAID NOW, largely because companies like Time Inc. never pay them on time, this is a pretty genius idea. In fact, if you take it to its logical conclusion, Time could just pay its freelances nothing instantly, thereby significantly reducing its content costs.
This is all fine and dandy on Time's part. I understand that corporations now depend on swindling customers and employees with late fees, early fees and hidden fees to underwrite their failing business models. If freelancers are to keep up with current trends it's time for us to fight back with some money-making schemes of our own!

Early Fees
  • Do you want the work at the last possible second before deadline? No extra fee.
  • 5 minutes before deadline: 1 percent fee
  • 10 minutes before deadline: 2 percent fee
  • 30 minutes before deadline: 3 percent fee
  • 2 hours before deadline: 4 percent fee
  • 1 day before deadline: 5 percent fee

Transaction Fees
  • Electronic delivery: Flat rate Platinum Turbo Delivery $10 convenience fee
  • Mailed on disc: Flat rate Platinum Retro Delivery $10 convenience fee (plus $15 CD burning fee)
  • Communication over phone and e-mail to discuss project: 10 free e-mails and/or phone calls with additional communication at $10 per
Late Fees
  • 2 percent fee for each week payment is delayed after 30 days of receiving invoice
  • Your company folds and you run away without paying: run the 100 yard gauntlet while freelancers pelt you sharp quill pens and paper cut you with overdue invoices
Hidden Fees
  • No tearsheets delivered within 30 days of publication? 10 percent fee
  • You kill the illustration without bothering to inform the freelancer: full price, no kill fee
  • You significantly color correct or edit illustration and notify the freelancer about it a week later because you are busy: 50 percent fee
12.07.2009 |