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Partner. On. This.

I'm bored. Let's see what sort of damage Thomas Friedman is doing to truth and the English language today.
To me, the most important reason for the Iraq war was never W.M.D. It was to see if we could partner with Iraqis to help them build something that does not exist in the modern Arab world: a state, a context, where the constituent communities — Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds — write their own social contract for how to live together without an iron fist from above.
According to this Friedman Doctrine you don't need to be threatened by a country to invade them (and perhaps abide by international law), merely have an irrepressible urge to "partner" with its residents and create a "context" for them to live in, whatever that means.

Friedman says whatever he wants in his columns without The Paper Of Record actually preventing him from making shit up. When he gave his thoughts on what the war was about a few years ago, his answer sounded less like partnering-up with classmates for an exciting grade school project and more like terrorizing people in a country that didn't attack us.

He ended his famous "Suck. On. This." answer with, "That Charlie was what this war was about...we hit Iraq because we could and that's the real truth.

Well, until today. Now the REAL real truth is out. It was all about partnering!
12.02.2009 |