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We differ slightly on the justice system.

I was having a conversation with my crazy conservative friend about the trials for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others that will take place in New York. It went something like this:

Crazy Conservative Friend: It's a disgrace we are trying them in this country.

Me: Why--don't you think our legal system will deliver justice?

CCF: They don't deserve the rights of American citizens. They are prisoners of war!

Me: If they are guilty of crimes why not put them on trial? I'd like to try and convict them. You'd like to hold onto them forever without charges.

CCF: No, I don't. They should be kicked out of a helicopter over a---over a chasm. We can watch them splatter and cheer!

Me: Surely there should be trials before the helicopter drop, right?

CCF: No! Fuck 'em. It's Al Qaeda. They want to kill us!

Me: Then how do you determine who to drop out of helicopters?

CCF: It's Al Qaeda! They want to kill us!

Me: So...what's the weather like out there?
11.18.2009 |