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Comics Journal #300

For the The Comics Journal's 300th issue they invited established cartoonists to have discussions with up and coming artists who started working after the Journal began in 1977. The issue features the likes of Art Spiegelman, Frank Quitely, David Mazzucchelli, Alison Bechdel and Keith Knight. I was honored when they asked me to participate with Ted Rall to represent editorial cartoons. As a starting point, we were told to talk about the differences that have occurred in the field since we both began cartooning.

The result was an exhaustive 12,000 word discussion on the state of the industry, how we began, the future of print and web, awards, influences, and plenty of dirt dishing. We even did a collaborative cartoon for the Journal. Read it all here.

Update: Free access to the issue has been pulled for some reason. I don't think the print edition comes out until December. I'll post about it when it does.
11.16.2009 |