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It would be stupid for an opinion monger like me not to make sweeping statements on last night's election results that crush all other uninformed, ill-advised pundits blabbering on the subject. Here's my Official Commentary:

SHOW ME THE MONEY: Bloomberg won, Corzine lost. This shows public support of gazillionaire douchebags is teetering. They are going to have to accrue more wealth--and be willing to spend it on PR--if they hope to recover some of the losses we saw last night.

LOUD AND CLEAR: A Bors Blog exit poll shows 89% of voters yesterday said they don't eat eggplants regularly. Did eggplants get the message?

: "Fed Up"

Today I'll be saying this often:
"Voters are Fed Up with [something I personally don't like right at the moment] and it's only going to get worse in 2010!!!" (Note: As of this posting I'm using "being out of coffee" as I am rather perturbed by this development and would like to give it national focus.)

is Wednesday.

INFALLIBLE PREDICTION: Last night's elections for governor seem to suggest the trend of electing governors will continue in the Republic.
11.04.2009 |