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Dirty Diaper Theory

Bill Frist famously diagnosed Terri Schiavo as a non-vegetable from the Senate floor via video tape. When he’s the most sensible person in a debate about medicine, we have a problem. That was the case when Bill Maher started spouting his superstitious beliefs on health and “western medicine” (known simply as “medicine” by those who practice it) with regards to the H1N1 vaccine.

Maher thinks he is the most reasonable man on the planet, but he employs the same tactics that the creationists and climate change deniers he shouts down on his show use when defending their unscientific nonsense. Which is to say something like, “We shouldn’t shut off the debate–after all, there are still a lot of questions!” Sorry, Bill. The science is in. Vaccines work.

Other crazies on this issue include the incredible level of fear-mongering of Rush and Beck along with Farrakhan claiming it was designed to kill people. While Dobbs doesn’t appear to be a vaccine skeptic, his use of Swine Flu to stir up anti-immigrant hysteria earned him a place in the comic.

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