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Yes, it's that time again. Let's have a look at today's winner...

Hastings Tribune
Oct 23, 2009

A fox labeled "fox" and a name badge on Obama. Way to blow away the competition with your admirable devotion to unnecessary labels! You win a personal labeler. Make a name badge for everyone in your family so you don't forget who they are!

Update: Cartoonist Ward Sutton's comment on my Facebook page is too funny not to post here:
How can we be sure it's Obama? The lazy cartoonist only gave him a "B.O." button. Maybe this is a cartoon about Body Odor and it's effects on Foxes? I also wish the cartoonist would have been more specific about the fox. It may be Fox News ... or it may be Foxes, like Foxy Ladies. Is this a cartoon about Body Odor actually rating highly with Foxy Ladies? The only solution for us readers to fully understand the cartoonist's intent would be bigger, more detailed labels.
10.23.2009 |