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It occurred to me recently that I was approaching five years of blogging (also known as "bolging" around here). That's not a very remarkable feat in this age, but I thought I'd pause for a moment to remark on it anyway.

This blog remains a labor of love, but I've been making a concerted effort over the last two years to update regularly and add all the features you may or may not have come to care about: Illustration Friday, Mailbag Douchebag, Turd Awards, why does Bors never post on Thursdays?, etc. (Not to mention the 650+ cartoons I've posted.) I dare not calculate the man hours wast--invested, but it will pay off the day all revenue models collapse and I have to survive on web ads for gold and anti-aging cream.

Anyway, a quick moment of seriousness: Thanks for coming back week after week to read my work. And my bolg.

Now on to the next post, next cartoon, next deadline...
10.23.2009 |