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ACORN reforms itself!

ACORN should lose its paltry federal funding. If your employees are dumb enough to answer those questions the way they did you forfeit your seriousness as an organization. The right has been out to destroy them and they were hiring inept morons willing to help pimps exploit young girls. Totally not in keeping with the whole “helping the poor and downtrodden” thing.

The funny thing is how important ACORN is to conservatives. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the top Communist cells in Obama’s Secret Agenda that Glenn Beck made up in his head. To others it does boring grunt work involving poor people that they never heard about until this year. Any chance of getting that idiotic fake pimp over to Iraq to ask questions of Blackwater employees? Apparently, that’s the only way Congress will pull their funding.

Adding: An interesting development brought to my attention by August.

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09.23.2009 |