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Mob Rules

Wingnuts continue to win major concessions on a health care bill they will never vote for while smearing the president as a racist, muslim and socialist–quite an amazing feat when you think about it.

Most Americans have a knee-jerk reaction to providing health care to illegal immigrants. Why should people who work 50 hours a week in jobs we consider beneath us get the luxury of chemotherapy? Democrats seem to agree.

Joe “You Lie” Wilson wants to go further and deny them emergency room care. Imagine the scenario: An illegal immigrant is working in construction, building things for rich white people, when suddenly some heavy machinery slices his abdomen open. He is rushed to the emergency room where an orderly demands to see proof of citizenship from a dying man holding his guts in his hands. When he can’t provide any, he is left to die on the floor. No matter how long it takes for him to bleed out–10, 12, 48 hours–he will not be given treatment.

Sounds a whole lot like the inhuman tyrannical system of uncaring bureaucrats the tea bagging right claims to oppose.

For a great column in defense of Joe Wilson–and what Democrats should have been yelling–see Dave Lindorff here.

09.16.2009 |