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We live in an age where a Facebook update from an unemployed hillbilly can cause cowering legislators to remove language from a bill and the paranoid rantings of Glenn Beck and his sycophants can end promising careers. Just think: if I get three million rabid readers, I too could squash my foes. Screw Uncle Ben's advice.

Was it calling Republicans "assholes", being a former Marxist, or signing the 9/11 truth petition that did Van Jones in? All three of those things are insurmountable horrors to the Washington establishment.

I think the 9/11 "truth" movement is wrong, to put it mildly. But most people hold beliefs that are completely bonkers: UFOs, religion, new-age pap, liking the band Korn--and yet they are smart and able to carry out their jobs magnificently. 9/11 truth is completely ignored and ridiculed by the media. That's fine. It's nonsense. But why aren't other equally ridiculous beliefs seen as political non-starters?

For instance, how many conservatives have expressed their belief that the creator of the universe guides US foreign policy? Our last president believed he talked to god. Why aren't people this delusional purged from government and given counseling and/or anti-psychotic medication?

The next time a politician claims we are a christian nation, that evolution is a lie, or professes belief in the "invisible hand" of the market I'd like to see David Gregory rapidly convene a Meet The Press pundit-packed panel to pontificate about which corner of DC the person should set up their cardboard sign and tin cup.
09.09.2009 |