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I received a lot of mail about my Kennedy strip from people unable to get over Chappaquiddick and angry that I would dare suggest anyone on earth is more immoral than Ted Kennedy. I thought I'd post the following exchange since it sums up my feelings on some things more succinctly than I could probably get across in my wordy comics.

On Sat Sep 5 20:55 , 'SYeomans' sent:
Do you seriously believe that there is not moral difference between fighting the Taliban after being voted for by the Dems in the congress and getting drunk, driving off a bridge and leave a young lady to die alone in agony? I think you got the result of your game wrong.

S Yeomans
On Sat Sep 5 22:01 , 'mattbors' sent:
Given the amount of innocent civilians that were killed, no I do not.
On Sat Sep 6 0:16 , 'SYeomans' sent:
When do you start the count for Obama and congress?
On Sat Sep 6 1:09 , 'mattbors' sent:
Jan. 20th, 12:01 pm
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