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Mailbag Douchebag–braindameishd edition!

A confused reader writes:
Your Cartoon about healthcare reform is so far off target it makes me wonder how deep into your pockets the democrats are. Sure Health Care needs reform but not as presented by any of the fools on capitol hill who have no connection with what really goes on. Ask Dr or a RN what the main problem is and they will tell you in three words... For Profit Hospitals. Since these name in vogue medical costs have skyrocketed driven not by illness but by Wall Street which demands a profit no matter the human cost or cost to the economy.
This person would not tell me which health care cartoon of mine they were talking about, but I don't remember trumpeting for-profit hospitals in any of them. Nor have I cashed any checks from the DNC. (They pay me under the table for my loyalty.)

Then there's Klaus:
I did not like it! Your drawing is not so great. Your thinking is under it. This message is from Finland and from a real socialist, witch you have never seen in land of the free and braindameishd. Do you have schools for those who read the Bible and those who read every book they can put they hand on. Have a nice day!
No clue.
09.01.2009 |