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Jeff writes regarding last week's cartoon:
The view that Democrats "cave" because they're spineless is a lie that has served them extremely well. Please seriously consider the alternate viewpoint that they are getting what they really want.
Good point. There are Democrats who would ideally like more progressive measures but are too gutless to push it. But too many are simply center-right (compared to other Western democracies) and/or in the pocket of industry (cough*Max Baucus*cough).

Harry Reid's recent statement on the public option is exactly what I was talking about in the cartoon. He's come out in support for the public option--as long as it's private. Republicans won't support the bill so who exactly is he conceding ground to? This is (sadly) one of the most powerful Democrats we have. He should be strong-arming the wussies into supporting a strong public option. Obama should be on the phone telling them he'll never give a soaring speech at their reelection rally unless they support this bill.

This is politics. Why won't they play it?
09.01.2009 |