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Post Beer Summit Analysis

The joint White House/Media production known as the “Beer Summit” has come and gone. It didn’t signal the beginning of post-racial America, but Wolf Blitzer did get to announce the “news” that men were drinking beer at a table! Of course, the entire event was created so people like Wolf Blitzer could breathlessly announce its existence and air a 30-second video of men drinking beer at a table, but I think that part went over his head.

One problem I do have is the president setting back this country’s sad history of beer relations with his choice of Bud Light. I thought he was bringing change to the White House and instead he ops to suck down corporate pee pee water with a po po. (Perhaps it’s a good metaphor for the Democratic Party.) America produces the best beer on earth–hands down–but we always get a bad rap because of Bud, Michelob, Coors, et al. Progressive beer enthusiasts (and conservatives who discriminate only with their palette) should stand up to this president and DEMAND he drink a tasty micro brew that is from a (hint hint) small business trying to (ahem) create jobs.

They usually cost more than swill so the Blue Dog Coalition may oppose it.

Maybe someday Obama could invite some liberal economists over for beer. I hear they have been right about some things lately.

08.02.2009 |