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MailBag Douchebag: Bolging! Edition

Got some e-mails about yesterday's comic. Let's go through these. Matt K says I hate America and should be fired even though I don't have an employer:
Bolging (?) that some unnamed persons on the right (shadow enemy used to keep left wing nuts from thinking too much) advocate killing him is nothing more that a lie to try and justify your advocating killing him for the hate America thrill it gives you.
In my Bolg post yesterday I linked directly to the video that Matt thinks is a lie. I don't know what else I can do for him expect re-Bolg it here on the Bors Bolg.
Kevin H. is another one who doesn't trust my Bolging:
could you please give me your news source for the 100 murdered GITMO detainees? I try to keep myself well informed, and I look at a number of sources each day for news, but that claim is a new one on me - perhaps it that news item came out when I was out camping for a few days.
Kevin must have been camping on the Appalachian Trail last year when Lawrence Wilkerson testified to Congress that over 100 detainees died in our custody. Tom Friedman even wrote about it so I consider it squarely within the bounds of the well informed. Kevin goes on to cite a study from the Quarterly Journal for Facts Pulled From Asses:
A study has been done, and 9 out of 10 prisoners agree: It is much better to be subjected to waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques" like sleep deprivation than it is to be subjected to "enhanced beheading techniques" - such as being beheaded with a jagged butcher knife. Who knew?
Everyone focuses on waterboarding as if it is the worst thing we engaged in. But let's look at the causes of death listed on the actual government documents released to the ACLU through a FOIA request..."strangulation," "Multiple gunshot wounds with complications" and "Shotgun wound of the head." Yikes! So yeah, the Taliban is crazy and cuts off heads. In the civilized world we use shotguns.
07.23.2009 |