Matt Bors
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The capture of a US soldier by the Taliban has drawn a lot of media attention. Oddly, some on the right have come out in favor of the Taliban killing the soldier since there is speculation he may be a deserter. I’m not in that camp. I’d like him, and all other captives and detainees held illegally, to be released. The military’s sudden concern for international law, however, is disingenuous. Even our new liberal president seems to believe the Geneva Conventions can be selectively applied to certain people and geographic areas.

Over 100 detainees captured since 2002 have been killed in US custody, many of which have been ruled as homicides by the military. I’m sure the others tripped and fell. These are people who were never even charged with crimes (not that it’s OK to murder guilty folk).

We can’t do much about the Taliban. They brutally oppress women and chop the heads off of journalists. But we do pay for–and theoretically control–the actions of our military.

07.22.2009 |