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I made the mistake of turning on CNN tonight. Larry King was giving Joe Jackson free air time to spout all sorts of bizarre shit, such as claiming he never really beat Michael and the urgent need for Congress to open an investigation into MJ's death. I agree. Let's table health care reform for a while.

That segment was followed by King interviewing some woman who knows Debbie Rowe about Michael Jackson's sex life. A decrepit old man on his eighth or ninth wife was interviewing an unknown plastic surgery victim about her second-hand knowledge of Michael Jackson's sex life.

Then it was on to "AC 360." The first segment was about Michael Jackson. I could only think of August Pollak's latest cartoon on Cronkite.

John King was hosting "AC 360" and said you could log on to their website to find out why his eye was puffy. I'm not kidding.
07.20.2009 |