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Banning movies: Ach-ya or Nish-Nish?

The "Ministry of Culture and Tourism" in Ukraine has banned the movie Brüno. They cite "homosexual perversion" and say it "may harm the moral education of citizens."

CatieCat, writing at the popular feminist blog Shakesville, is torn. CC says government bureaucrats banning this film "does seem like rather a good thing" but this case is "a mixed bag" because the reasoning given for state censorship is not progressive enough.
One fewer countries running this crapfest is good. Doing so because it has the temerity to depict gay acts and male genitalia, rather than because it endangers the lives of your gay citizens, considerably less good.
I've gotten a laugh from all my progressive friends who think Brüno will somehow set the gay rights movement back 30 years, but this is taking the fear to whole new level. The movie isn't exactly Milk, but I don't think it was intended to be. A question for CatieCat: Given that Brüno "endangers the lives of gay citizens," would you ideally outlaw screenings in the United States?
07.20.2009 |