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Obligatory MJ Commentary

The Michael Jackson death-fest rolls on. I caught a segment on The Situation Room this week where my good friend Wolf Blitzer breathlessly reported on the rampant tabloid speculation about MJ being murdered. Wait until his image starts appearing in wood grain–they’ll send in Candy Crowley to investigate.

Al Sharpton gave Michael an incredible eulogy. In front of the selfless philanthropist’s gold sarcophagus, Sharpton credited him for the election of Barack Obama, the state of race relations as we know it and us loving each other. (We do love each other, don’t we?) MJ did indeed break down barriers for African-Americans. Unfortunately he also broke down the barriers of what we previously thought a human face could/should look like.

Anyway, the only point I’m after here is that Prince is better than Michael Jackson. It’s one of my Strongly Held Convictions along with torture and universal health care. He’s far more talented, plays a ton of instruments, constantly releases good albums, doesn’t lip sync or distract from his talent with elaborate dance sequences and his sexual eccentricities have always been limited to adults. He’s a freak, but in a good way!

07.15.2009 |