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Maria does not like my comic about PETA's dead fly outrage:
You know, before you go passing undue judgment towards a rather large organization, you should probably read what was actually said. I don't really care if the strip wasn't supposed to be offensive, I'm tired of people portraying Peta members as whiny pussies. I may be sensitive towards animals, but that doesn't mean any jackass with a tired ass joke and an internet outlet can generalize me and not get a mouthful. Here is Peta's actual statement. Fact check next time? =]
I admire Maria standing up for herself and I have to own up here: I completely distorted PETA's response. They did not refer to the fly as "Morty Druckler." I made that name up along with all of his background information. I'm sorry if anyone was misled.

I think we all have a thing or two to learn about human/fly relations. We should start by following the advice of Peta blog commenter "Alyse":
I luv Obama. U can't always be conscious about everything all the time. He had a lapse in judgement. I myself ask flies to leave me alone. If 1 lands on me I ask it "Hey can u find another place to perch Mr. or Ms. Fly?"but I'm a lovey dovey15 yr old.He was in the middle of an ineterview. It must be hard to go from "Mr.Prez mode" to "I luv you fly mode"
Let's all try to spend more time in "I luv you fly mode".
07.01.2009 |