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Tomorrow I leave for Seattle to attend the AAEC convention. I'll be moderating a panel on alt-weekly cartoons, participating in a panel on the future of syndication and drinking copious amounts of alcohol with my ink-slinging colleagues as we talk about the future of our dying profession. Gathering with cartoonists that are better than me is always inspiring. But given the moribund state of the industry, it has the potential to be downright depressing. It'll be a trick to stay positive while speaking frankly about the State Of Things on my panels. Nevertheless, I look forward to getting out of my cartoon laboratory for a few days to interact with other humans.

In my spare time I'll try to blog any good news or discussion that comes out of the panels.

If you are in the area, be sure come to the Cartoonapalooza event with Mike Peters, Ted Rall, David Horsey, Signe Wilkinson, Mark Fiore, myself and others.
06.30.2009 |