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It turns out being useless is only one of the many uses of Twitter. Iranians are definitely using it to organize, but the importance it has been given seems a wee bit overblown. It’s not merely because it’s one of the few channels for information coming out of Iran–the media simply loves talking about Twitter. They were giving it an excessive amount of attention before these events and this is merely confirmation to Rick Sanchez that it is the greatest invention of all time.

The regime’s own technological propaganda efforts are lame. See this Photoshopped crowd? Looks like a project I did in week 1 of “Introduction to the Clone Tool.” Try to catch up, guys. And stop treating women like shit.

So Twitter is being used for organizing marches against an unjust government. That is genuinely awesome. But what’s this crap about it being a news source? I know there isn’t much reporting coming out of the place, but reading (or posting) a bunch of unverifiable tweets is lame. Used to be only government officials had their biased, unverifiable statements uncritically parroted by the media–now everyone is invited to submit them via Twitter.

See my previous cartoon on this time-suck/revolutionary tool. And don’t forget to follow me on the Twitter!

06.24.2009 |