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PCLD Irreversible In Some

I got one for you.

Remember when I released my comic Partisan Civil Liberties Disorder and wrote about how Randi Rhodes is a big time sufferer? She can weave any horrible action of Obama into a grand narrative where it is all part of his secret liberal strategy. Well, today takes the cake.

I tuned in to hear her claim that Obama's recent DOMA briefing was a masterful anti-DOMA move in disguise.

According to Randi, the Obama DOJ filed a brief in support of DOMA using deplorable right-wing arguments in order to discredit these ideas, not give them the full weight and support of the Federal Government as it would appear on the surface. Obama has done almost nothing on gay rights according to most sober observers, but to Randi this was evidence of a subtle maneuver (perhaps detectable only to her) that would propel us into a new era of gay rights. Once the courts strike down this obscene briefing, these arguments will suddenly become discredited among anti-gay bigots, who apparently base their hatred of gays on the success or failure of court briefings.

Today, Robert Gibbs wouldn't even distance the White House from the most controversial parts of the briefing. All part of the plan!

You wait. Any moment now Obama's plan will come to fruition. Any moment...
06.17.2009 |