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Bullet Bubble

The Bullet Bubble is a real phenomenon. Unable to realize that bullets will never cease to be produced or be outlawed in any way, gun owners are driving up the cost by frantically buying up every slug they see, which in turn causes other gun owners to freak out and rush to the store. People are hoarding them in hopes of cashing in–prices will only get higher! In a few years these people are going to wake up with a wildly overvalued arsenal and wonder why the New World Order never made them rich by outlawing bullets. Then they’ll come hunting hat in hand to mommy government for a bailout.

I expect a similar bubble to develop around baked beans. Any post-apocalyptic traveler with a substantial amount of bullets and beans could run the show. Stock up.

On another note, we might as well give this guy a TV show.

06.10.2009 |