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Two things on the NR.

1) Conservatives love incorporating the word "Islamo" into phrases to show what serious thinkers they are. Here's the latest courtesy of Mark Steyn: "Islamoschmoozing." I kind of like that one.

2) The National Review's latest cover is under fire for allegedly being racist. It features Sonia Sotomayor drawn as an Asian for some bizarre reason. For such a serious charge, blogs don't seem too concerned with who drew it since they never let their readers know the illustrator's name. I harp on this constantly. You would never refer to an offending column without giving credit to the writer, but cartoonists and illustrators are rarely cited for their work by reporters, bloggers and pundits. The illustrator is Roman Genn, a talented caricaturist with a lifeless palette whose work often graces the NR's cover. Genn made waves with his March 97 cover "Manchurian Candidate" which portrayed Bill Clinton as a bucked-toothed Asian with slanted eyes and a coolie hat. I'm guessing Genn doesn't have many Asian friends.
06.08.2009 |