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Logo Refresh

The Times has an interesting little slide show of corporations doing a "logo refresh." That's graphic design speak for rehabilitating a corporate logo. Lots of market research is done to find the most pernicious way to trick people, er--I mean, communicate the essence of the company through bold, brilliant design.

A few years ago Wal-Mart's logo may have projected strength and stability. But in a recession where job losses are in the millions and corporations are (rightly) vilified, Wal-Mart's logo starts to resemble a Soviet force coming to town to hollow out small family-owned candy shops run on a modest profit for five generations. Time for a refresh.

Corporations need to soften their facade in this new era. Green and light blue are dominating as well as little explosions of color that clearly say "our corporate mission is fun, fun, fun."

How can anyone object to this family-friendly logo propagating across the land? Its lower case letters emit calm and modesty. This could be the logo for a daycare center or brand of low-fat yogurt. It puts a smile on my face.

Sometimes new logos are rolled out and fans reject it. So loyal are consumers to a brand, so successful the original logo in filling their empty hearts, that a company may have to backtrack and scrap the hip new design. How would you like to wake up and find your spouse had a completely new fashion sense? Would you still love them? Maybe if they were the same on the inside. Only time will tell if the lower-case Walmart can once again captivate shoppers.
05.31.2009 |