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Senators Make Rare Stand Against Jailing People

I wish I could say this comic was only about Republicans, but it’s not. Last week, Senators from both parties lined up to whine about putting Gitmo detainees in our massive city-sized Supermax prisons that cannot possibly be escaped from. These detainees are all docile and broken from years of torture and isolation, but lawmakers worry they’ll convert all the prisoners into raging hardcore Muslims that stab guards with shivs made from juice box straws.

In reality, Western prisons would break these guys faster than Mancow on a waterboard. In no time they’d be trading porno mags and getting sloshed on toilet hooch with the rest of the inmates. Then we will have won a massive psychological/cultural victory in the War On Terror.

But Harry Reid’s too much of a wuss to see things that way.

05.27.2009 |