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CWA LOLcat Schism

CWA members Jen Sorensen and August Pollak are embroiled in a conflict over (so-called) cat humor. Jen launched an opening salvo with this comic decrying the LOL Cats and other such abortions of humor. August then typed an impassioned post titled "In defense of LOLcats", a string of words I was hoping to get through life without reading. Despite his flattery of me in said post, I was not persuaded in the least.

Now Jen has responded to August point by point. Turns out she's nothing but a cat humor apologist in disguise--proclaiming her love of Roomba Cat. This isn't a war, folks. Jen and August are allies in an axis of feline evil debating over the proper strategy.

I thought cat humor was like torture: clearly bad, something only war criminals make excuses for. Truth is, many otherwise rational people succumb to the alleged cuteness of this insidious internet meme. Pictures of cats in sinks? I curse your bloodline for thirteen generations!

I know Jen and August are not alone in their cat love. Many of you are no doubt removing my site from your bookmarks at this very moment. But being a political cartoonist means taking tough stands on the important issues of the day so I'm here to proclaim: I hate cat humor in all its forms.
05.20.2009 |