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The Stinky Return Of Turd Awards!

Pelosi called the CIA liars and conservative cartoonists are piling on, calling her one back. They are probably right. I got a joke for you: How do you know when a politician is lying? Give up? Their mouths are moving! I should have saved that one for a cartoon instead of wasting it on a blog post.

We're no Pelosi defenders here. No sir. I did a cartoon on Pelosi lying about this back in 2007 when it was news and it didn't even take Drudge headlining it for me to find an angle on it.

For newcomers, we operate on a 4 turd scale around here.

Beeler has a great caricature and overall illustration here. The idea? It's about as good as my joke above. Political cartooning consists of calling politicians on their bullshit so we could draw a liar with their pants on fire everyday if we wanted. Liberal hacks did this about once a week during the Bush years. Too easy, Nate.

Nate Beeler
Washington Examiner
May 15, 2009

Good drawing. Very creepy concept. Rob Smith catches Pelosi a moment before the CIA assassinates her. Assassination tip: it's hard to hide from the CIA but putting a placard with your last name on the door of your home never helps. It's not incompetently executed (so to speak) but I'm giving it two and a half warm piles for the stalky killy vibe.

Rob Smith, Jr.
The Glenn Beck Program
May 15, 2009

The Phone-In King Bob Gorrell is trying to make a point here, I'm sure of it. Oh wait--there it is written on her paper for us! It takes a lot for me to a approve of a pin with a name on it, but Gorrell's caricature is so weak I think it's essential here. Pelosi doesn't have buck teeth. If anything, she has those frightening little tiny lady teeth--which is basically the exact opposite of huge buck teeth.

Bob Gorrell
Creators Syndicate Inc.
May 15, 2009

Whoa! Foden totally gets the tiny teeth thing and turned them into little zipper teeth to hide her forked tongue. Brilliant! Adding to it is the caption about "Wardrobe Malfunction." That joke is from the 2006 2004 Superbowl and hasn't been used by anyone yet, so good move there. Why not throw in a "wide stance" joke to make it even more relevant?

Glenn Foden
May 15, 2009
05.15.2009 |