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Not many people are given the chance to ridicule the President to his face on live television. If you are ever in that position, don't blow it like Wanda Sykes did tonight. The comedian known for blasting off her mouth was hosting the White House Correspondent's Dinner and didn't bring the heat. Not even the warmth.

I'm not asking for a total decimation like Colbert gave Bush and the media in 2006, but give me something. The toughest joke Sykes directed at Obama had to do with his basketball skills. Lloyd Dangle's right--people turn into goo around this guy.

Sykes, who married her female partner in California in 2008 and came out of the closet at an anti-Prop 8 rally, didn't even give the President a light ribbing for thinking she doesn't deserve equality under the law. Just this week Obama's military ruined the career of a gay American under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy he allegedly opposes. Gay Rights is a regular part of her stand up routine so she mentioned it, right? No, but Sykes said that Bush messed stuff up. Remember that bozo? Always good for a laugh.

The only joke that was risque and caused the stuffed shirts to groan involved Rush being a terrorist. Going after Limbaugh while standing at a podium next to Obama in a room full of reporters and Hollywood celebrities. Real ballsy.

The Advocate declared Sykes the "poster girl for black and gay America." Oh well. Maybe she'll get around to talking about it next time she's given 15 uninterrupted minutes of airtime with the President.
05.10.2009 |