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This one goes out to a couple of my good friends who drive and smoke yet are terrified of flying no matter what kind of numbers I throw at them. So far, Swine Flu appears no more lethal than Homo Sapien Flu yet it got the full Situation Room treatment for a week. What’s regular flu go to do to get Sanjay Gupta analyzing its ribliocodes (?) on the gigantic touch screen monitor?

You wish this level of concern would be established for some other top killers that are even easier to prevent, namely car crashes and smoking.

I was loving the controversy over the naming of this goddamn virus.

First the Industrial Pig Farm Complex objected to the name, claiming it tainted the honor of their shit and blood filled factories. Then Jews and Muslims said the name was offensive–when god said “no pork” thousands of years ago, he clearly intended for the faithful to abstain from the Orthomyxoviridae Family of RNA Viruses that have evolved to infect hogs.

For more information, see Joe Biden’s new website

05.05.2009 |