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Coloring Book Outrage!

The networks were flipping out over this FEMA coloring book that I guess was supposed to teach kids about disasters. News agencies that aired the towers collapsing 10,000 times think this might be inappropriate for kids to see and color.

FEMA wanted to teach kids about disasters but this coloring book is one. I'll admit the drawing is a little weird but a few other outrages jumped out at me.

1) Who the hell drew this? I know these things have to be simple, but let's up the quality of our State issued coloring books. I blame cronyism. Some FEMA official gave the freelance contract to their buddy, the Michael Brown of coloring book illustrators.

2) Worst. Font. Ever. Actually, Papyrus is. Obama should work to outlaw both. (Another Design Outrage: Why is the second line of text so short instead of having all three lines more balanced?)

3) So 9/11 is going on and this woman is watching the action unfold on her wall-mounted Etch A Sketch AND holding a magazine that somehow contains a printed photo of the plane closer to the tower than it is in real life. It makes no sense...unless what we are witnessing is advanced cubist coloring book theory where multiple points in time are illustrated together.
05.02.2009 |