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The outrage over AIG bonuses turned into poo-pooing the populist rage and fretting about the anger level. After all, a few people sent threatening e-mails to the company so the French Revolution was clearly at hand. Someone throws a brick through your front window with a shotgun shell taped to it, OK. But don’t complain to Barney Frank if someone dashes off a threatening e-mail.

This cartoon was directly inspired by Jack DeSantis, the whiny bitch who got to publish his resignation letter to AIG in the NY Times last week. Jack got a $742,000 bonus and feels he is being unfairly demonized, lumped in with the bad employees responsible for the company’s implosion. I feel so bad for him. Many Americans would have to work full time for 25 years to make that kind of money.

In this environment, the fact that DeSantis can even choose to resign from his job is itself a luxury. People who haven’t already lost their jobs are stressed out about getting cut and are being overworked by their employers.

And since the NY Times pays quite well, DeSantis was compensated more for writing his own resignation letter than many of us make in a week of work. Oh, the indignities he suffers!

03.30.2009 |