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Walker, Texas President

This is my 500th Idiot Box. I appreciate all of you that come here or pick up a paper every week to read it. Thanks!

Chuck Norris, known to many as an internet joke, has a serious side to him. He writes a weekly column for World Net Daily, a popular news site for militia members and Christian home-schoolers, where he espouses on “Black Belt Patriotism” and other intersections of Karate and ’Merica. He made his comments about being President of Texas as a joke on Glenn Beck’s radio show. However, they were based in his serious suggestion that we may need another revolutionary war.

The comic is pure silliness, but these little ravings about revolution are beginning to come out of the lunatic fringe characters like Chuck Norris, Alan Keyes and Glenn Beck (who inexplicably was given a television show). Beck had an…interesting take on the rampaging psychopath in Alabama. When the next Timothy McVeigh happens, what will these guys have to say about it?

03.16.2009 |