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Mar 15, 2009

The little i-don't-know-what in the bottom corner says, "Courtesy of Jon Stewart, in a Russert-worthy performance." Tim Russert had performances like that? When? A huge problem with the media is that Jon Stewart, host of a fake news show, has to perform tasks that Russert and others were and are supposed to do.

Friday the web was buzzing about Stewart's take-down of Cramer. Every liberal blog posted the video with their two cents thrown in, which illustrated that vast array of original content they all provide. The reason the interview was such a great sensation is that things like that almost never happen. If this type of thing were going on every Sunday on Meet The Press and the other political talk shows, it would hardly be news. In fact, it probably wouldn't have happened because Stewart, as he said at the end of the interview, would like to get back poop jokes.

Another point on the comic: "Cramer vs. Cramer" was used by Stewart last week so it's probably not wise to put it in your cartoon. This cartoon released Friday simply illustrates a joke Stewart told in the interview. If cartoonists are going to idolize Stewart and steal his jokes, then he deserves the accolades and we deserve to die.

Unfortunately, I'll be late to the party since my Cramer comic comes out Wednesday, which is a full week after I drew it. Only having comics released two days a week can mess you up when you want to address a fresh topic. However, I did make it without the aid of Comedy Central writers.
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