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Pretty good speech. Lots of "Yes We Can" type motivation in there. We never quit. We keep going. We'll get through. I was so amped I started working while he was still talking!

Work for me is drawing funny pictures so I felt I was doing my part to help the country. I would have drawn more but it's kind of a visually boring event.

I like how everyone stood and clapped when Obama said we should end tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas. I never knew Republicans supported that. I assume that law will get 100 votes then.

Obama really brought the thunder down on slacker dropouts, pulling the ol' Patriot card. It was his "with us or with the terrorists" moment. You don't spell America with an F, kids. Although "Freedom" does start with one so never mind.

I needed an excuse to draw McCain again. He looks pretty bad without the makeup he caked on during the campaign. Now he's just a crotchety old gasbag shaking his fist about the price of Obama's copters.
02.24.2009 |