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Can a monkey crazily flinging shit at a wall come up with worse editorial cartoons than Sean Delonas. I don't know the answer.

Who knew a bullet-riddled chimp would end up being the American equivalent of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban? Actually you could probably predict that we were going to be dealing with stuff like this under our first black president. We'll see more of it as the nearly all-white profession struggles to explain their political metaphors involving primates and Gangsta Rap over the next four years. Socialist Godzilla destroying America? Fine. Comrade King Kong capturing a white woman labeled "American Values." That's bad.

To tell you the truth I don't think Delonas' intent was to portray the chimp as Obama at all. But when shit blows up in your face this bad, you know you overlooked something in the idea phase. But I can't really call for editorial oversight of Delonas when I think, like a crazed chimp, he shouldn't be allowed to hold a pen in the first place. It becomes a danger to people's eyes.
02.18.2009 |