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The New GOP

The GOP hasn’t learned a lot from their November defeat. Their new strategy seems to be to yell about tax cuts even louder and with greater frequency. Being a moderate Republican or a conservative egghead these days means pretending your party isn’t made up of–and controlled by–the sneering stupidity of the Rush Limbaughs and Sarah Palins of the world.

This comic contains some things that have been on my mind lately: Snuggies, Shepard Fairey posters and Sean Hannity. Have you seen his new Alan Colmes-less show? It’s a priceless glimpse into the mind of a paranoid reactionary.

I caught a segment about the woman who had octuplets that implied you, me and all hard-working Americans are going to have to pony up for her 14 kids to have car insurance when they are teenagers. Remember that Hannity makes around $100,000 a day. He could pay for the daily wages of four full-time nannies for the woman with the income he makes before taking his morning shit.

You can tune in to the show at almost any point for reality-bending statements. Here’s an exchange I caught Friday between him and Whoopi Goldberg.

Hannity: Maybe this is naive. Maybe I’m living in a fantasy land. Maybe I need to live in Disney. Because if you’re our president, tell me the truth. We lived with a president recently that didn’t tell us the truth.

Whoopi: Yeah, but you guys defended this cat for–

Hannity: I’m talking about Clinton.

Whoopi: I’m talking about Mr. Bush.

Hannity: George Bush didn’t lie.

Whoopi: [shocked expression gives way to hysterical laughter.]

02.09.2009 |