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Fairey Update

The AP tried to intimidate Shepard Fairey by threatening to sue him, writing their own article about the "news" to drum up the controversy. Bad move. Fairey is now suing the AP for claiming he violated their copyright and seeks to legally establish that his famous image of Obama is his work.
The Los Angeles-based artist and his company, Obey Giant Art Inc., used the AP photograph "as a visual reference for a highly transformative purpose," according to the complaint. "Fairey altered the original with new meaning, new expression and new messages."
He'll win.

My favorite part of the article:

The AP, which claimed on Feb. 4 that Fairey's image infringed the company's copyright, threatened to sue Fairey by tomorrow, according to the complaint. The AP said it used "special technology" to determine the image's original source

"Special Technology." Uh huh. You mean Google Images?

02.09.2009 |