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News Site Puts Out A Call For News

Here's a screen grab from the Huffington Post today. The top story? "Find us a top story!"

They ask you to spot "any major differences between the original senate bill and the compromise." It's like those touchscreen games in bars where you spot the differences between two photos of a bikini-clad hottie sunbathing on the beach--only it's with a 1,400 page trillion dollar stimulus package! "Hey, I don't recall seeing that $3 million for "janitorial restoration" of the Native American History Museum in the original version..." Ding!

Shouldn't news organizations be telling us what's in the bill?

On the bright side, this does encourage citizens to become involved in the legislative process once again. Come home from a long days work, crack a beer and put on your citizen journalist detective hat!
02.08.2009 |