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The Times describes a cartoon:
A recent political cartoon in The Record, a newspaper in Hackensack, N.J., shows rats fleeing a sinking ship, labeled "Wall Street," with treasure chests held aloft tagged "CEO" and "Bonus." There are "I Hate Investment Banking" T-shirts for sale online. Last week on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart rolled a clip of John A. Thain, Merrill Lynch's chief executive, defending bonuses as a way to keep "your best people."
John Stewart gets the name drop but not the cartoonist. (It's Jimmy Margulies, by the way.) Bob Scheiffer did this around the election with a Nick Anderson cartoon he thought was fantastic but just couldn't be bothered to identify.

It may seem like a small gripe, but this is routinely how cartoons are referenced in the media. You would never quote a brilliant rhetorical flourish from an op-ed column without saying who wrote it.

It should be added that the New York Times has a policy of removing artists' signatures from the work. Instead they run a small credit line under the cartoons, sometimes misidentifying the artist. (I'm referring to the Sunday edition. During the week they run no cartoons.)
02.03.2009 |