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Turf War

I have no way of knowing if the $200 million to resod the National Mall that was pulled from the stimulus bill was wasteful or or not. It might have made some sod contractor in the area a very rich man. Compared to the billions in cash that have disappeared from Iraq’s reconstruction money, it’s hard to be upset. Also, it would be nice if the capitol city of the most powerful nation on earth had some nice green grass at its most important monuments.

Whatever the validity it’s difficult to take Republicans claims of fiscal prudence seriously after the last eight years. And why do Republicans hate condoms so much? I know Trojans can take the thrill out of bareback sex in a bathroom stall, but c’mon, they’re necessary.

That said, I admire their willingness to stick together and yell about more tax cuts in the face of a national crisis. A President needs a loud opposition. If only Democrats could have stood together and voted No on such things as the PATRIOT ACT, Iraq War Resolution, and wiretapping.

02.02.2009 |