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Checking In With The Crazies

I'm tired of all the stuffy pundits with their numbers and boring analysis. Let's see what some lunatics have to say about recent news events!

Let's check in with David Duke, a self-described "racial realist," and get his thoughts on the new RNC Chairman.
The Republican Party leadership in its latest act of self-immolation appointed, Michael Steele, a radical Black racist as the leader of the Party.
Very cogent analysis, David. I'm sure you love the new president.

Moving on to Fred Phelps at the God Hates America Blog. (Yes, he has a blog.) Surely the Westboro Baptist Church has some interesting thoughts on the election of Barack Obama and the challenges we face as a nation.
He has a burning lust inside him to rule the world; he is churning in all his rage against God; he is the son of the Devil himself; and he will be energized mightily to carry out this plan to rule the world and fight against Christ and his Church.
Well argued! But let's move on to a more serious scholar...

Credo Mutwa, the "Zulu shaman, or sanusi," whose view that the Global Elite are an alien race of shape-shifting reptiles is constantly blocked by the mainstream corporate media. ( It's controlled by the aliens, natch.) He has penned a poem about Obama and urges you to "circulate widely." The following is but an excerpt:
You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive
The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,
See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.
An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war
Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope
Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.
"Nylon wings of hope..."

Hello, Pulitzer Committee! Oh, that's right. They are run by aliens. Sorry.
02.02.2009 |