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There's bad cartoonists. There's hacks. And then there's Sean Delonas.

The "Page Six" cartoonist for the NY Post is know for his cartoons that viciously mock gays, women and fat people. On top of that he's just not any good at coming up with ideas. Last June I posted about Delonas tracing his own cartoon and reissuing it, which might be an industry first.

The jet landing in the Hudson River recently provided cartoonists with an easy news peg: label the plane "economy" and go home for the day. But Delonas takes this practice to a lower level, employing the plane four times in the last nine days.

At least he didn't trace them this time.

Editorial cartooning is crumbling. Economic forces beyond our control threaten it from the outside. Within the field, lazy unoriginal cartoonists threaten to make the whole profession a joke.

01.29.2009 |