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For the last two years, I've barely drawn Bush. By the sixth year of his presidency the idea of having a narcissistic idiot running the country had lost most of its humor and I just wanted it to end. The marathon 2008 election gave me the cover I was looking for. Here's some memorable events from the last four years.

In the run-up to the 2004 election I pondered why anyone would vote for the man again...

...and when he won I wondered what kind of country I was living in.

In Bush's last press conference he claimed the response to Hurricane Katrina was fine and dandy. Uh huh.

Rewriting history and claiming near-dictatorial powers was still considered acceptable to much of the public and media in 2005.

Five years after 9/11 everything was running smoothly!

On a trip to Vietnam, Bush said there were valuable lessons to learn from the Vietnam War: Don't pull out from a quagmire too soon.

01.20.2009 |